Our Single Disabled Luxury Restroom is ideal for events requiring ramp access to restrooms.  Stylish throughout with well-lit interior, large mirror, air conditioning as well as boasting an ample amount of space.

The restroom trailer rides on an air suspension system, making it easy to tow and even easier to lower and level. Once the trailer is in place, the platform is lowered and the ramp and slide rails are installed and all is ready to go. The ramp has a very slight angle and the platform provides plenty of room for navigating and opening the door.

Holding all it’s own waste and can operate all day on solar power and a fully recharged battery, plus a full tank of fresh water. Toilet paper, hand towels and soap all included.

With connection to a power supply the A/C or Heat Strips can be taken advantage of. Add the addition of a water supply to allow for larger and longer events if required.


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